Fourth Ebola case found in Goma

epa07751246 (FILE) - A health officer (R) spreads disinfectant in the hand of a woman after checking their temperature at a health checkpoint in Goma, RD Congo, on 05 July 2019 (issued on 01 August 2019). Rwanda's authorities decided on 01 August 2019 to close its borders with DR Congo temporary amid the detection of several ebola cases in Goma, close to Rwanda. A total of 1,813 people died in northeastern of the country in the first year after the Congolese Government officially stated that an ebola outbreak was hitting the country. EPA-EFE/PATRICIA MARTINEZ

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A fourth case of Ebola has been confirmed in the eastern Congo city of Goma, the government said, as the disease spreads in a city of more than 1 million people.

The new case is the wife of a man who died of the virus earlier this week and who only sought treatment over a week after starting to show symptoms, authorities said – raising concern he might have infected more people in Goma.

Their daughter also tested positive for Ebola, and nearly 200 contacts of the man have been tracked, 160 of whom were vaccinated.

Fears the disease was gaining a foothold in Goma had subsided after the city’s first case emerged in July but was not immediately followed by more. The three cases confirmed this week were not linked to that first case, authorities said.

Via Reuters

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