Four in ten women in Europe aged 65 or over live alone

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In the EU, similar shares of men and women aged 15 – 64 live alone (both 19%), in a couple (48% for men, 51% for women) and with another adult (not a couple) or more adults (33% for men, 30% for women).

However, differences are more visible among people aged 65 and over. In the EU, four in ten women (40%) live alone compared to 19% of men. These people might have been facing particular difficulties in daily life resulting from social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Highest share of older women living alone in Latvia, lowest in Estonia and Belgium

Among the EU Member States, Latvia recorded the highest proportion of women aged 65 and over living alone (49%), followed by Slovenia and Germany (both 45%) as well as Finland and Czechia (both 44%). At 36%, the proportion of women living alone in Malta is below the EU average, however, consideration must be taken of the fact that these numbers exclude persons living in nursing homes.

In contrast, the lowest shares of women aged 65 or over living alone were registered in Estonia (26%) and Belgium (28%), followed by Spain and Cyprus (both 31%), Portugal (32%) and Denmark (33%).

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