Flooding in East Africa affects more than 1 million people

epa06058356 A car travels through a street flooded by heavy rains in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 30 June 2017. The rainy season or monsoon season in West Africa occurs between April and October when heavy rainfall causes localised flooding and related drainage issues in the region. EPA/LEGNAN KOULA

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More than 1 million people in East Africa are affected by flooding after higher than normal rainfall, an aid group said Friday. Parts of the region are bracing for a tropical storm, Kyarr, that could worsen an already dire humanitarian situation.

The International Rescue Committee said many people had been reeling from an earlier period of severe drought. Now the rains in parts of Somalia, South Sudan and Kenya are expected for another four to six weeks.

The flooding in Somalia, which has caused several deaths, has displaced more than 180,000 people and destroyed crops, the aid group Action Against Hunger said. It estimated that the tropical storm would bring another meter of water to parts of the region.

Via AP

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