Flights leave without luggage at Brussels Airport on the busiest day of the year

epa03866682 An illustration showing the logo of Brussels Airport, welcome to Europe, the airport is aslo known as Zaventem in Belgium, 13 September 2013. EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET

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Brussels Airport is currently experiencing technical problems with the baggage-handling system this Saturday morning, on what is expected to be the airport’s busiest day of the year.

According to the latest reports, some 30 planes have already left Brussels without passengers’ luggage, and delays were expected on other flights.

This is the third similar problem in recent weeks.

The luggage of those passengers who left Brussels before repairs were completed will be delivered later today or tomorrow. Some 83,000 passengers are expected to pass through the airport today, one of the busiest holiday departure days in general, and the busiest of the year for the airport.


Via The Brussels Times

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