Five Italian soldiers injured in attack in Iraq

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An explosion in Iraq has injured five Italian soldiers, three of them seriously, the Italian military said on Sunday, Reuters and ANSA reports. The attack took place around 11 am, in the area of ​​Suleymania, in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The military said an improvised explosive devise detonated as a team of Italian special forces passed close by. The wounded men were evacuated to safety by U.S. helicopters and none of them are believed to have suffered life-threatening injuries.

The team was carrying out training activities (“mentoring and training”) for the Iraqi security forces engaged in the fight against ISIS.

The five wounded, again according to what has been learned, are three Navy raiders (belonging to the Goi, the raid operating group) and two from the Army (9 / o Col Moschin). The five soldiers involved in the explosion were immediately rescued, evacuated with US helicopters belonging to the coalition and transported to a “Role 3” hospital where they are receiving the appropriate treatment.

Three of the five soldiers are in serious condition, but their lives would not be in danger. The three soldiers are all in a private prognosis and currently hospitalized in a military hospital in Baghdad. Of the three, the most severe reported internal bleeding; another lost a few fingers of one foot and the third had very serious injuries to both legs, which were partially amputated. The other two soldiers involved in the explosion, on the other hand, reported only minor fractures and minor injuries.

Via Reuters / ANSA 

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