Ferrari 250 GTO became the first car granted copyright as a work of art

LON50 - 20001030 - LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM : A vintage 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO which won the 1963 Le Mans GT race outside Bonham and Brooks auction house in London, 30 October 2000. One of only 39 250 GTO variants, the 3-litre Ferrari is to be auctioned next month and is expected to threaten the world record by selling for approximately $10 million in the historic Ferrari Motor Car and Automobilia show in Gstaad, Switzerland on 19 December. EPA PHOTO EPA/ADRIAN DENNIS

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The Ferrari 250 GTO, one of the iconic cars of the Maranello-based car plant, has officially been named a work of art with legal protection for its design. The June 20 ruling by the Bologna court came after a petition by Ferrari to protect its design.

The Turin industrial union (UIT) notes that this is the first time a car has been granted copyright and thus become official a work of art.



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