Fatal clashes in Jordan
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 AP/Hala Akhbar: A Jordanian official says five suspected militants are in custody after opening fire and setting off explosions that killed three members of the security forces and collapsed a multi-story building.

The clash late Saturday in the town of as-Salt raised new concerns about militants’ attempts to carry out large-scale attacks to destabilise the kingdom.

The Hala Akhbar news website linked to Jordan’s military said on Sunday that the suspects are Jordanians and that the cell planned to attack security installations and other sensitive targets.

The Jordanian Minister of State for Media Affairs’ Government Spokesman Jumana Ghneim said that the searches  conducted by the joint security force in the city of as-Salt revealed the presence of three bodies of terrorists under the ruins of the collapsed building.

Ghoneim confirmed that the combing operations are still ongoing, and that the efforts of the competent security services continue until the completion of all security tasks at the site.

The US Embassy in Jordan strongly condemned the attack on security personnel in Fuheis on August 10 and subsequent terrorist acts in Salt on August 11.

The Embassy extended its deepest condolences to the families, colleagues and friends of security personnel who gave their lives in the course of their duty to protect the homeland.

I praised the courage of the members of the Jordanian security and civil defence, and our wishes for the full and speedy recovery of the wounded.

The United States stands with Jordan in the face of these terrorist acts and underlines its common determination to combat the scourge of terrorism.

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