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Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has said the social network “didn’t do enough” to protect user data in a written statement to the US Congress.


Ahead of appearances before US Congress committees on Tuesday and Wednesday, Mr Zuckerberg said he took responsibility for recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal, as well as the platform’s issues with fake news and abusive content.

Facebook has confirmed it believes up to 87 million people had their data harvested by the political consultancy via a personality quiz app.

The company is schedule to start notifying users as of Monday, with a detailed message appearing on the news feed of those who might have had their data shared.

Facebook says more than 70 million of the affected users are in the US, though there are over a million each in the Philippines, Indonesia and the UK. In addition, all 2.2 billion Facebook users will receive a notice titled “Protecting Your Information” with a link to see what apps they use and what information they have shared with those apps If they want, they can shut off apps individually or turn off third-party access to their apps completely.

A powerful activist investor group called for Mark Zuckerberg to step down in a statement today, citing new admissions of irresponsibility in the CEO’s planned testimony to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

“Mark Zuckerberg’s prepared testimony highlights a simple fact: He doesn’t understand how a large, global and publicly-held company is run,” Open MIC CEO Michael Connor said in a statement. “He currently has two jobs at Facebook — CEO and Chairman of the Board. It’s time for him to give up at least one, if not both, titles.”

“It is long past time for Facebook to separate the roles of company CEO and Chairman,” Connor continued, “and for Mark Zuckerberg to resign or be fired.”

Sources : The Verge, Reuters

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