Explosion in Iran’s Isfahan power plant

epa08258904 An Iranian man wearing a face mask walks in front of a mural depicting the national flag, along a street in Tehran, Iran, 29 February 2020. According to the latest information released by the Iranian Ministry of Health, some 593 people have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus Covid-19 in the country, with at least 43 killed by the disease. EPA-EFE/ABEDIN TAHERKENAREH

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An explosion occurred at a power plant in Iran’s central Isfahan province on Sunday but there were no casualties, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The blast was caused by the wear and tear of a transformer at the power plant in Islamabad, the managing director of the Isfahan power company told IRNA.

Power was interrupted for two hours, he said.

There have been several explosions and fires around Iranian military, nuclear and industrial facilities since late June.

IRNA / Reuters

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