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The European Union released five short films, directed by prominent European filmmakers, which demonstrate how the rights and benefits enjoyed in the EU improve people’s lives. The films aim to launch a dialogue with young Europeans about the impact of the EU on their daily lives.

The EU also launched an information hub which can be accessed on to support the films that aims to take young millennials on a journey of discovery about what the EU does for them.

The films were premierred in Malta at a special screening in Malta, held at the Centru Kreattiv, St James Cavalier.

Many young people are unaware of the full extent of the rights and benefits that they enjoy in the EU. Although they understand what the EU stands for, there is a lack of knowledge about the more tangible benefits it offers on a day-to-day basis. The films, each directed by a prominent European filmmaker, aim to start a conversation about the EU’s impact on the lives of young people, aged 17-35, every single day.

These benefits include support when starting a business, as shown in Yorgos Zois’ film Party Animal, and the ability to order products online from anywhere in the EU, the theme of Tomasz Konecki’s The Loner. Dalibor Matanić’s Debut deals with the basic, fundamental rights enjoyed by each and every person living in the EU.

“Fighting for humanity, for the chance of a better world, is a theme that runs through my work,” said filmmaker Matanić, when asked about his involvement with the project. “I think we’re making a story that everyone will understand.”

The EU will also be giving young people the chance to make their own films through a Young Directors’ Competition. Participants will be challenged to make films that tell the story of the EU’s contribution to people’s lives, enabling them to do what they love. To enter, participants are asked to submit a written synopsis of the plot, and a smartphone video of themselves explaining the rationale behind their film. Ten finalists will be selected by a jury of directors, and five winners will be picked by a public vote. The winners will receive a grant to make their film.

All ten films – by the five professional directors and the five young directors – will be supported by an online information hub,, which aims to provide real-life examples along with facts and figures that show what the EU has achieved in the interest of young people. From access to help at the embassy of any EU country when travelling worldwide or participating in schemes such as Erasmus+, the benefits of the EU are vast and also include the right to emergency healthcare in any Member State, as well as the ability to use your phone anywhere in the EU without paying any roaming charges.

Background to the campaign

The #EUandME campaign will run for 18 months. It will be launched across the European Union in 28 Members States in May 2018, and will feature five directors’ films, open-air events, stories of empowered EU citizens and a competition for young film directors, as well as many events and activities organised by campaign partners. Check the information hub to stay informed of national activities in your country.


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