EPA’s Eye in the Sky: Hasankeyf, Turkey

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A general view of Hasankeyf, an ancient city with roots going back 10,000 years and located along the Tigris (Dicle) River in south-east Turkey’s Batman province before the hydro electric power plant project in Batman, Turkey.

Turkey’s second-largest hydroelectric dam project is being filled with the Tigris River despite protests.

A 300-square-kilometer lake will be spawn by the 1820-meter long, 135-meter high Ilisu dam when the project is completed. therefore a new settlement was built three kilometres away because the historic town of Hasankeyf will be almost completely inundated.

People were relocated there over the course of the end 2019. Also some historical monuments such as Er Rizk Mosque, Zeynel Bey Shrine and a castle gate were moved to the new settlement in this process.



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