Envelope containing bullet sent to Turin Mayor

epa05379192 Newly elected Mayor of Turin, anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S), Chiara Appendino, during her press conference in Turin, Itay, 20 June 2016. In Turin, 54.5 percent of voters preferred the M5S's Chiara Appendino over Democratic Party (PD) incumbent Piero Fassino. Fassino. EPA/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

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An envelope containing a bullet was sent to Turin Mayor Chiara Appendino’s office.

A report about the threatening package was first reported by Corriere della Sera.

Appendino also had an explosive package mailed to her last month.

Reacting to the incident, Appendino, a member of the 5-Star Movement (M5S), said that these attempts at intimidation have no effect and will only serve to drive her on to do her job as mayor with the utmost determination.



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