Emilio Fede arrested on eve of 89th birthday

File Photo - Emilio Fede (right) EPA PHOTO ANSA/DANIEL DAL ZENNARO

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Long-time journalist Emilio Fede has been arrested for breaking the conditions of his home detention.

The ex-Tg4 Director was dining out with his wife, Diana de Feo, on Naples’ waterfront, to celebrate his 89th birthday, which is due tomorrow.

Police officials have delivered to Fede a request by a Milan magistrate wherby the journalist was considered to be a fugitive. It is understood that Fede had not awaited for the authorisation of the judge from the Milan tribunal, which he was expected to do at the end of his sentence, which he served at home.

Fede insists that he had informed the Segrate police and planned to return to Milan on Thursday.

Italian media reports that at the moment Fede is blocked in his hotel, awaiting a decision by the judge which is expected later today.

Fede was found guilty of bringing prostitutes to parties at the Arcore home near Milan of ex-Prime Minsiter and Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi, in the so-called ‘Ruby bis’ case. He was sentenced to a seven year, four months jail term in 2013 but after an appeals procedure lasting six years, the Courts granted, on humanitarian grounds, his request that he should serve his term through a house arrest of seven months with the other four years providing social services.

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