Emergency in Mt Blanc Tunnel because of smoke

I16 - 19990326 - CHAMONIX, FRANCE : A fireman is going to enter in the Mont Blanc tunnel to retrieve victims, Friday 26 March 1999, some 48 hours after a truck caught fire inside. The tunnel, scene of an inferno that on Wednesday claimed some up to 30 lives, is the main road link between France and Italy, with 5,000 vehicles passing through daily, including 2,000 trucks. EPA PHOTO ANSA/STR/pal-cl

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Some 67 people were evacuated from a coach in the Mt Blanc tunnel after it came to a halt because of a technical fault and started giving out smoke on Wednesday.

The incident happened when the coach was heading to Italy, about 6.5 km from the French entry point.

No injuries were reported and the coach then had to be towed out.

As a consequence of this incident, he tunnel was temporarily closed.



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