Parents of first Coronavirus case in Malta test positive bringing total of cases to three

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Malta confirmed the first cases of Coronavirus.

The parents of the girl who was reported to be as the first were also tested positive for the CO-Vid19.

Government issued a statement : “The Health Authorities are confirming that the parents of the child who tested positive earlier this morning have also resulted positive for COVID-19. The parents had already been isolated at Mater Dei Hospital with the child earlier today.

This situation is contained within the family which followed advice by the Health Authorities and, since returning from Italy, remained in self-quarantine.

We would like to reassure the public that these cases are being kept in isolation.

To date, 181 tests have been carried out on people who were travelling in affected areas and developed symptoms. Only the 3 above family members tested positive for COVID-19.

In addition, 157 tests have also been carried as part of the surveillance programme and tested negative for COVID-19.

We would like to remind the public that there is no need for alarm and to take the necessary preventive measures of washing hands regularly, covering nose and mouth with a tissue or flexed elbow when coughing and sneezing and staying home if sick. For further information, you may call the COVID- 19 helpline on 111.


Newsbook reports that Malta has registered its first case of Coronavirus (Covid19), sources told this newsroom. The health authorities have confirmed this news during a press conference held this morning.

The Times reports that the first case of coronavirus in Malta has been confirmed, Health Minister Chris Fearne said on Saturday.  The patient is a 12-year-old Italian girl and was previously in self-quarantine. She is now being kept inside an infectious diseases unit of Mater Dei Hospital.

The Independent report that the girl lives in Malta but is of Italian origin. Together with her sister and parents, she was recently on a holiday in the north of Italy. They returned from Rome earlier this week.

When the family came back, they self-quarantined. “The children did not go to school and the parents did not go to work or leave the house,” he said. “Their contact with other people was minimal”.  On Thursday, the girl started to experience symptoms of the virus, Fearne said.  A swab test was conducted on Friday and the result came back positive on Saturday, the minister said. A shipment of 32,000 face masks is expected to reach Malta next week, Fearne added.

Fearne said that anyone who experiences symptoms should call on 111 and not leave the house or visit the doctor.  The minister said that Boffa Hospital is being prepared for the eventuality that the number of Coronavirus cases grows more than can be catered for at Mater Dei Hospital. As a precautionary measure, the minister said Boffa hospital patients were being moved elsewhere to prepare the hospital for any eventual COVID-19 cases. Fearne said that medical staff is being trained to deal with the situation.

He said the situation is at present, there is no need to close any schools or take any more drastic measures. He also said that there is no need for the people to rush to supermarkets.

The girl is not in danger of dying but is being kept for observation and quarantine.


Meanwhile for Coronavirus emergencies one has to call COVID 19 (corona virus) Helpline – Call 111  – DO NOT call 112 unless it’s a real emergency

In a joint press release, the Medical Association and UHM Voice of the Workers expressed their regret that as expected Malta has identified the first case of coronavirus infection, clearly a person who has travelled to Italy and returned sick. MAM and all local health experts said that they had made it very clear that keeping the 20 flights a week from northern Italy, combined with a dubious voluntary quarantine, were inadequate measures destined to fail.

MAM and UHM appealed to the government to now heed the advice of health authorities and stop with immediate effect all flights from the high risk areas in northern Italy and implement mandatory quarantine measures were necessary according to quarantine law, so as to avoid an epidemic with grave consequences on the health of the people and on the national economy.

Via Times of Malta / Malta Independent / Newsbook

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