Eleven hikers die in Cosenza as they’re carried by currents of a torrent due to heavy rains
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Eleven hikers died in Calabria, in the gorges of Raganello in Civita (Cosenza) following the flood wave of a torrent due to the violent rains. Twelve wounded, of these five were transported to the hospital. , while eleven were recovered unscathed by the aid immediately intervened to save the many tourists who had ventured into the Pollino Park. It is an area surrounding the river, characterized by caves and canyons.

It seems that some of the hikers were rafting in the stream, while others were walking through the gorges and caves. 

The death toll is increasing due to the flooding of the Raganello stream, in Civita di Castrovillari, in the Pollino park, in the province of Cosenza.

Among the saved there is a child who was transferred to hospital in Cosenza in a state of hypothermia. The stream swollen by the heavy rains of the last hours surprised the group of hikers.

The tragedy took place in the territory of the Pollino National Park upstream of the so-called “Ponte del Diavolo”. The speleological group of the Calabrian Alpine Rescue is organizing to go up the stream of the Raganello torrent in search of any missing survivors and the bodies of the victims not yet recovered.

In the Raganello gorges, in fact, there are several ravines and spurs on which some of the hikers who were in the area might have been saved. The water of the stream, meanwhile, after the full afternoon, is slowly falling.  The director of the Civil Protection Calabria, Carlo Tansi confirmed the difficulties in establishing the number of missing people because of the impossibility, in the state, of knowing how many people were in the gorge.

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