Eiffel Tower in Paris reopens

The Eiffel Tower dominates the skyline, in Paris, France. EPA/IAN LANGSDON

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Anyone visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris when it reopens on Thursday after three months will have to take the stairs – all 674 of them – because France’s iconic monument is keeping the lifts shut.

Coronavirus-era rules for visitors listed on the tower’s website include:

  • all visitors (from 11 year’s old) shall wear a face mask ;
  • at first, only visits by the stairs will be available (second floor tickets by stairs including visit of the first floor). To ensure that ascending and descending visitors do not meet in the stairs, ascent will take place from the East pillar and descent by the West pillar;
  • a limited number of visitors on the esplanade and on each floor will be secured;
  • significant signage and ground markings are installed to implement physical distancing ;
  • daily cleaning and disinfection of public spaces at the Tower.



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