Egypt sets strict conditions for hotels to re-open amid Covid-19

A member of medical team sprays disinfectants at Giza pyramids in Egypt, Egypt. EPA-EFE/MOHAMED HOSSAM

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Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled Al-Anani said during a cabinet meeting that hotels will operate at a maximum rate of 25% until the beginning of June after a long halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Minister Anani added that hotels will operate by a maximum 50 percent of their capacity as of June.

Hotels willing to resume work in case the government allows internal tourism in the coming period will have to follow a set of seven conditions for safe operation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Federation of Chambers of Commerce, in cooperation with the Chamber of Hotel Establishments, set the seven main pillars and explained that the pillars represent an action plan for safe tourism operation through applying a package of precautionary, preventive and sanitary measures at hotels and restaurants.
The plan includes the condition where hotels and tourist facilities have to commit to the moment, they start hosting the guest and until their departure. The first pillar is the preventive measures at hotels upon receiving guests, in addition to internal supervision on laundry, food and beverages, swimming pools, beaches and gyms.

The measures further include housing, occupancy rate, providing awareness signs, and services to ensure a safe working environment to prevent the spread of the virus.

According to the cabinet, the operating controls of restaurants in hotels were also reviewed, which include:

  •  a ban on serving the buffet
  • pre-defined menus
  • a ban on serving hookahs
  • measuring temperatures for restaurant diners
  • leaving a distance of no less than two meters between dining tables, and one meter between each person and another at the table, while taking into consideration the families with a maximum of six chairs on the large table
  • relying on single-use dining utensils
  • placing sterilizers and sterilizing napkins on each dining table
  • placing awareness instructions throughout the restaurant

    The conditions for internal supervision and laundry services, which include daily cleaning of rooms using the tools for the infection prevention and following the instructions of the Ministry of Health, were also reviewed, and cleansing and sterilizing all tangible points every hour in public places and public toilets using disinfectants decided by the Ministry of Health.

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