Editors’ Perspectives – Monday 21st May, 2018

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The Times editorial refers to the constant issue of governance in the financial sector. In the story <<The cause of good governance>> refers to the introduction of changes in legislation and adds that the Minsitry of Finance and also autonomous regulators, should pre-empt misinformed interpretations as to why specific data requirements change from time to time and adds that as in most other issues relating to taxpayers’ money, full transparency, clarity and timeliness of information helps the cause of good governance.

L-Orizzont’s editorial entitled <<Kontabilita’ u Effiċjenza>> refers to the public service week which started as of last Friday. It highlights the changes that the public sector underwent in the past years, changes which were aimed to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and increase accountability.

The Independent’s editorial <<How the rule of law is undermined>> refers to the report by the ad-hoc delegation of the Committee of Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament. This report states that “persons perceived to be implicated in the serious acts of corruption and money-laundering as a result of Panama Papers must be swiftly formally investigated and brought to justice.” The editorial claims that the fact that no such thing happened drives home the clear, unequivocal message that for the police, PEPs are not subject to the law like any other person. It argues that there need to be an unequivocal commitment by both sides, because history has shown that for some reason, actually for all the reasons in the world, whoever ends up governing following being in opposition finds difficulty to implement the required changes.

In-Nazzjon carries an editorial about the cost of living. <<L-għoli tal-ħajja f’żewġ verżjonijiet u fir-realta’>> refers to the latest statistics about the increase in the cost of living and the impact this has on the families.

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