DNA tests confirm that body found hidden in Valletta a month ago is of Charlene Farrugia

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DNA tests carried out on the human remains discovered hidden almost a month ago in Valletta belong to Charlene Farrugia, the 25 year old who was reported missing 11 years ago.

TVM reports that tests have confirmed the statements John Paul Woods gave to the police when he had even indicated where her remains were hidden. Woods is currently serving a prison sentence for theft but is expected to be charged with the gruesome murder of Charlene Farrugia.

TVM adds that it is informed that the tests carried out in Malta show that the DNA of the corpse remains shares a high percentage match with the DNA of Farrugia’s relatives. Preliminary investigations conducted on the bones a month ago, already confirmed they belonged to a woman aged between 20 and 30 years. The DNA test has strengthened police investigations since the identity of the victim has now been established.

Via TVM 

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