Disruption and damage reported as Malta is hit by strong gale force winds – Updates

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Malta has been hit by a strong gale force winds and massive waves which caused major disruptions and also damage across various parts of the island.

These are some of the reports we have on the situation from Malta’s news portals.

People have been advised to stay indoors as gale force winds and massive waves cause mayhem with Malta’s east coast taking the full brunt of the bad weather. Apartment blocks and restaurants along the Sliema-St Julians promenade have reported extensive damage from the high waves battering the coastline. The gale force wind has caused widespread destruction but no injuries have been reported so far. MaltaToday’s readers have sent in videos and pictures of the mayhem caused on Malta’s roads in various localities. – MaltaToday

The mega storm that hit Malta over the past hours left, as expected, damage in various parts of the island. The strong winds and heavy rain, coupled with the rough seas, affected several parts of the island, as did the hail that fell as temperatures plummeted to unusual lows. The storm led to the cancellation of the Malta marathon that was to be held today, as the situation is not expected to get better until at least Monday. The situation on the roads is dangerous, with fallen trees and cut power lines all around the country. Billboards have toppled over and stone walls have been destroyed by the winds.  It is a busy day for the Police Force and the Civil Protection Department, who have several units out on the streets to deal with the damage. – The Malta Independent

The winds, which reached gusts of up to 101 km/hour, caused damage to electricity networks and forced road closures across the whole island. Authorities advised people to stay indoors while Malta Public Transport warned of delays on all its routes. According to the Meteorological Office, a strong gale force gregale wind remains in force until later on Sunday, in one of the worst storms Malta has seen in recent years. According to Wind Finder, in the early hours of the morning, Malta experienced gusts of winds that are described as a “high threat to life and property”. The Maltese Islands Weather site said on Sunday morning that the northeast wind was at its strongest in many years. The 101 km/h (Force 10, almost Force 11) gusts measured by the site’s weather station in Għarb were an all-time record. – The Times 

Civil Protection workers are evacuating persons from the Park Towers due to floods. TVM is informed that it appears that danger was located in some substation. The bad weather has left great damage in localities, which led the Civil Protection to receive various requests for assistance. Civil Protection director, Emmanuel Psaila, told TVM that by 10.00 am the department had received some 200 phone calls for assistance. Most of the requests concerned fallen trees, roofs, walls, electricity poles and damaged signs. Vittoriosa, St Julian’s and Park Towers were the worst hit by floods. Meanwhile, some 50 workers from the Civil Protection, volunteers and from the St John’s rescue are participating in the assistance operation.  – TVM

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Photo – Torċa / iNews 

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