Diplomatique.Expert recommends: Brexit Long Reads Roundup
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The past hours were very long, in terms of the adage which compares time in politics.

The following articles shed some analysis on Brexit’s current status and debate.


Brexit Is Falling Apart — Slowly (Foreign Policy)

Could this week mark the moment when Britain turned against Brexit? Two developments in a day of high parliamentary drama seemed to mark a sea change in the political landscape as the U.K.’s Parliament embarked on five days of debate over the terms of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

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The (not so) great Brexit debate (POLITICO)

So the Brexit debate is on. Sort of. The gauntlet has been thrown down by Theresa May and accepted by Jeremy Corbyn. Viewers are in for a treat. What’s likely to be the most boring head-to-head in history will also be among the most confusing ever held.

On one side is the prime minister, a former Remainer transparently terrified at the potential chaos a hard Brexit could unleash, marshalling her talking points in favor of divorce. On the other, a committed Europhobe who voted against joining the European Economic Community in 1975, secretly rejoiced at the referendum result and is now tying himself up in knots trying to stay consistent while rejecting May’s deal to keep his largely pro-European colleagues happy.

POLITICO invites readers to gaze through a crystal ball.



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