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epa08081285 Issa Kassissieh (C), dressed as Santa Claus, rides a camel at the Jaffa Gate in Old City, Jerusalem, 19 December 2019. Issa Kassissieh, a Christian Arab, has played Santa Claus in Jerusalem for a decade. In recent years he recieved an official Santa Diploma after attending training in Denver and Copenhagen along an official Santa Claus certificate from the old Santa Claus School in Michigan. Issa has turned his 700 year old family house into Santa's House and claims to be the only officially certificated Santa Claus in Israel and the Middle East. EPA-EFE/ABIR SULTAN

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From India to Australia, from Brazil to Syria, from Germany to Italy, this week’s edition of the Diplomatique.Expert Week journal provides you with views and photos captured by our photographic partners from around the world.

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Enjoy and merry Christmas!


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