Di Maio tries to avert Italian government crisis

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Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio called for a meeting on Friday with government partner and co-deputy PM Matteo Salvini in a peace offering following mutual recriminations that raised concerns for the stability of the ruling coalition.

In an interview with state-owned broadcaster RAI 3 Di Maio, who leads the ruling 5-Star Movement, said he wanted to meet Salvini, leader of the ruling League party, to iron out tensions.

Di Maio ruled out a government crisis.

The relationship between Di Maio and Salvini  soured since the League overcame the 5-Star in last May’s European parliamentary election and Salvini started to act in effect as the real prime minister.

The election of Ursula von der Leyen as next president of the EU Commission triggered the latest clash between the two allies, with Di Maio backing her and Salvini giving the thumbs down.


Via Reuters/ANSA

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