Di Maio stresses about compactness of Italian Government on Diciotti Case

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Italian Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio said that the Italian government assumes the political responsibility of the choices made on the case of the ship Diciotti, but there is “full respect” for the action of the judiciary for which we must not “attack” the prosecutors.

“In these days the Italian government was compact, Di Maio explained as he thanked Foreign Minister Moavero and Prime Minister Conte for the team game that will be very important for the other emergencies: we were compact on the line to be taken, also because we had to negotiate with other countries. The government was and is compact on the decisions taken “.

However The Corriere Della Sera revealed how during the day of yesterday, at one point of the day, deputy premier Luigi Di Maio picks called Salvini and according to what is reported he said “Matteo it’s enough, find a solution. I do not care about them anymore, have you seen what’s going on? ” It happens that for days the base of the Movement is in turmoil and, after the externalization of the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico, and the appeals for a humanitarian solution to the issue of the ship Diciotti, multiplied. It is also thanks to the joint pressure of Di Maio and Premier Giuseppe Conte if the situation unblocked in the night.”

The Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede also assured on Facebook,  that the executive has a common front on the fact that “the European Union is evidently deaf to the same values ​​of solidarity and mutuality that were its foundation. so, even after the summit at the end of June, when other resolutions had been expressed “.

Di Maio then attacked the EU. “On Friday there was a meeting of the EU Sherpas, even the representatives did not bother, they said ‘Italy must get away with it’ and then they all went to the sea, this was their keeping their commitments. We did it and we did it because it is very important that it no longer gives the impression that there is an Italy that lowers its head in the face of the arrogance of the EU “.

Di Maio then went on saying that “if the European Union gives us signs of help, we could repent”. The reference is not only to migrants but also to “combating poverty and unemployment, with the income of citizenship, with the possibility of eliminating the Fornero law”. Once again he threatened that Italy would block funds to the EU and the budget, as he underlines that “their attitude is truly inexplicable”.

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