Di Maio says Italy has no risk of speculators’ attacks
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Reuters/TGCOM Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Monday there was no risk of speculators attacking the country’s financial markets and that the government was working to stabilise the economic and financial situation.

Di Maio responded remotely to the fears of the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council Giorgetti who had explained that he expected a speculative attack on the markets to Italy in August, because “a large part of Italian savings was taken abroad and therefore the management of the various financial ‘titles’ is not domestic “. 

“I do not see the concrete risk that this government will be attacked,” Di Maio said, “it is more a hope of opposition”, but “if someone wants to use the markets against the government, know that we are not blackmailed”. 

Di Maio has therefore reassured on the respect of the budget and has announced a “decree law to reconstitute the layoffs for cessation”, a measure that “is imposed, given the crises that the previous government has left us”. 

“The basic provisions of the contract will be made with the utmost respect for budget balances, but also by asking Europe to make us reforms that will allow us to reduce public debt”, said Di Maio.

He also spoke about the issue of the vaccinations saying “I want to silence some unhealthy ideas about vaccinations, and since I’ve been a political leader, we’ve never been against it, we want it to tie the obligation to school, instead of introducing it when there is a risk of epidemics”, he added. 



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