Denmark gives go-ahead for Nord Stream 2 Russian pipeline segment

epa07366284 (FILE) - The first spare pipes for the Nord-Stream Baltic Sea pipeline are stored on shore in Lubmin, Germany, 19 June 2012 (reissued 13 February 2019). Reports on 13 February 2019 state the European Union has reached a provisional compromise agreement on more control on the Nord Stream gas pipeline that is currently being built across the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. EPA-EFE/STEFAN SAUER GERMANY OUT

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Denmark’s Energy Agency announced on Wednesday that it had granted Nord Stream 2, owned by Russia’s Gazprom, a permit to lay the pipeline across seabed southeast of Denmark’s island of Bornholm.

Already 2,100 kilometres of the pipeline — two reinforced metal tubes — lie complete in Russian, Finnish and Swedish waters. Largely finished is another segment in Baltic Sea waters off northern Germany.

The Danish announcement is likely to rile the US, which in the past has firmly opposed the project, with President Donald Trump asserting it would increase European reliance on Russia gas.

Washington, keen to see US liquefied natural gas sold to Europe, in recent months threatened sanctions against companies involved in the project.

In its statement, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) said Denmark was “obliged to allow the construction of transit pipelines” under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Via DW

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