Decline in Italy’s infection curve continues, while seven regions register no deaths

People wearing face masks walk at a street in Bolzano, northern Italy, EPA-EFE/G. NEWS

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Italy continued to register a decline in its infection curve with 1,083 new cases and 4,008 persons recovered in the past 24 hours.  The tally of new infections is the second lowest since the 10th March. 194 persons have died during the same period.

Positive news also continued to reverberate across Italy. Seven regions have registered no new deaths during the past 24 hours.

On a national level, the number of persons requiring hospitalisation and intensive care has continued to decline.

Meanwhile, the Italian Government has granted permission to the different regions to adapt varying speeds with which to implement Phase two of the emergency pandemic. The assembly of the autonomous province of Bolzano, Alto Adige (South Tyrol), voted yesterday to speed-up the reopening of activities. As a result, all shops were allowed to re-open today while hairdressers, bars, restaurants and museums will open as from next Monday.

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