Deaths in Spain decline for fourth consecutive day, victims include 10 doctors

A banner on a balcony reads 'Health workers and all off you on the forefront, thank you' in Salamanca, Spain. EPA-EFE/J.M. GARCIA

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In Spain, the daily number of deaths has declined for the fourth consecutive day, raising tentative hopes that the worst of the country’s outbreak is over.

The daily death toll on Monday was recorded at 637, the lowest number reported since March 24.

The country remains one of the world’s hardest-hit by the pandemic, with 13,055 deaths. Another 135,032 people have tested positive for the virus, according to the health ministry.

The country’s victims include 10 doctors, a nurse and an auxiliary nurse. More than 15,000 healthcare workers have tested positive for the virus, after a shortage of supplies forced them to resort to homemade protective gear as they battled one of the world’s fastest spreading outbreaks.

The epidemic, which has left Spain with the highest number of deaths per million, collapsed hospitals and plunged the country into a near-total lockdown that is expected to stretch for at least six weeks.

The Spanish government has said it is now studying the possibility of mass testing and isolating asymptomatic carriers of the virus.

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