Further information and resources

Printed Resources and Material
Novel Coronavirus Leaflet (EN/CN)
Novel Coronavirus Poster Generic Emergency
Novel Coronavirus Poster Generic​ Health Centres
Novel Coronavirus Poster Generic​ Pharmacies
Novel Coronavirus Stand up Banners (EN/CN)
Novel Coronavirus Airport Poster Coming from
Novel Coronavirus Airport Poster Travelling to​
Prevent the spread of infections- 3c’s Poster
Stop the spread of Coronavirus – Poster (EN/MT)
Guidance for Workplaces – Poster​
How to Wash your Hands – Poster (EN/MT​)
Contain the spread of Germs – Poster
Practice good hygiene – Poster​
How to Self-quarantine – Poster​
Stop the spread of germs – Poster​​
Social Media Frames – (EN/MT​​)
Know the Symtoms of Covid-19 – Poster​​​
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