Actions being taken by Maltese Health Authorities

Malta is taking the necessary precautions in relation to coronavirus, through various actions:
  1. National COVID-19 Helpline: 111 (or +356 111 from abroad)
  2. Thermal screening of all passengers arriving at Malta International Airport, Cruise liner and Catamaran Terminals.
  3. Travel advice for passengers travelling to or returning from affected areas is available at Airport, ports, freeports and cruise liner terminals.
  4. A coordinating team for national response is being led by the Superintendence of Public Health.
  5. Constant communication with WHO, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the EU Health Security Committee. The European Council is organizing regular teleconferences for all Member States to which Malta Public Health authorities participate to receive updates and advice on actions;
  6. Enhanced surveillance to detect suspected cases early;
  7. Communication with media, advice to clinicians and traveller’s advice;
  8. Preparedness plans at Mater Dei Hospital and Primary Care have been set up to isolate, diagnose and treat any suspected and confirmed cases.

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