Covid-19 Bulletin Malta – Sunday 29th March 2020

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Two new cases from a record 585 swabs

Two new cases were identified from a record number of 585 swabs taken. Health Superintendent Prof Gauci re-iterated the fact that Malta is at the beginning of its curve and the population should not rest on these results. Another person was admitted to ITU, with five persons currently being hospitalised in this unit.

The first person, a Maltese woman, was in contact with a relative who had travelled back from the UK. This person had immediately self-quarantined and no further contact with other persons was indicated.

The other person is a 39 year old Maltese man who was in contact on his place of work with a person who had travelled and who had earlier displayed symptoms. The relative contact tracing is taking place.

Updated 1212

The daily press briefing by Prof Charmaine Gauci is expected around 1230.

PM Abela, Delia trade blows on backtracking of lockdown decisions

This morning, Prime Minister Robert Abela and Opposition Leader Adrian Delia traded blows on the backtracking of decisions related to elderly and vulnerable persons’ lock down.

Prime Minister Abela denied any rift with Health Minister Chris Fearne, suggesting that the changes announced on Friday were a result of feedback whereby Government had listened to the general public. He also resisted claims that these decisions tantamount to a lockdown, confirming that people can go out in case of urgent needs and necessities. Speaking on ONE Television, the Labour leader reminded viewers that as long as the authorities’ advice was followed, there will not be the need for a complete lockdown, which actually would be counterproductive.

On his part, Adrian Delia called on Government to avoid populist decisions to appease economic operators. He insisted that there should be no backtracking on decisions related to health just because they might not be popular.


Good morning

Have you moved your clocks forward? Remember, Summer time started this morning.

Malta – and the rest of the world – remains focused on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, with 149 cases being identified so far locally, while globally, infections have exceeded 600,000.

There were ten new cases of persons who tested positive for Covid-19, after 487 further tests were carried out in the last 24 hours. Amongst these cases there is a 72 year-old elderly person who is in critical condition, so much so that he is in ITU on ventilator. 6 of the new cases are the result of travel, whilst 4 are the result of local transmission. The appeal for elderly, and vulnerable, persons to stay inside holds all the more, for good of their own health.

It was certainly comforting yesterday to read that the WHO had identified Malta’s approach as an example to follow.

The absolute majority of over 116,000 persons identified as vulnerable, including all elders above the age of 65 appeared to have observed the first day of lockdown yesterday, although clarifications issued by Government indicate that they will be allowed to shop for their necessities.

The Legal Notice Text was published on Saturday evening.

Schools and educational institutions will remain closed till the end of coming June. Year 6 students will be marked on their assessment mark, instead of the benchmark. SEC (O Level) examinations will not be held, and a predictive assessment for the students will be carried out by MATSEC instead. MATSEC will still issue a certificate to those students who pass, so that they may be able to attend post-secondary schools. Every SEC student will nonetheless retain the right to sit for exams in the coming September. Intermediate and

A Levels will be postponed for the coming September, with resits to be available in December so that students will also have the opportunity to continue with their tertiary education without penalizing students who sit for resits. Arrangements will be made so that University and MCAST students will be able to continue with their studies, whilst online learning at all levels will continue.

We’ll keep you informed throughout the day.

111 – For those who feel symptoms of COVID-19 or who wish further information

21411 411 – For those in mandatory quarantine who require provisions of food and medicine

1772 – For those who are feeling lonely.

153 – For those who require information about the financial measures administered by the Department for Social Security.

144 – For those who require information about the financial measures administered by Malta Enterprise.

2204 2200 – For Maltese residents who were caught in one of the high-risk countries and wish to return to Malta

25981000 – For those who have questions about the educational sector and the impact of the coronavirus

21692447– For hoteliers and tourists who have questions about the announced measures.

25903030 – For elderly persons bereft of support who need medicines, ready-made meals or food products (fruit and vegetables).

25469111 – For those who work in the gaming industry.



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