Corsican separatists warn against foreigners buying homes on the island

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After having declared in 2014, the cessation of its armed struggle, the militant pro-independence National Liberation Front of Corsica, or FLNC this week called for a ban on foreigners buying property on the Mediterranean island.

Days earlier, a separate group of high-profile Corsicans issued a warning that the island was “in the grip of the mafia to a degree never before reached”.

This week a group of masked activists, one brandishing a gun, announced in grainy footage that they were reviving the group in a bid to “save the Corsican people from programmed extinction”.

The activists, who pledged only to attack property rather than people, want to outlaw the sale of land or property to “non-Corsicans”. Assets bought over the past ten years should be resold “at their original purchase price and only Corsicans should buy them.”

Via The Telegraph

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