Corporate Dispatch Tuesday Morning Briefing and Newspaper Review

epa07413599 (FILE) - Luke Perry speaks during a panel presentation at Comic Con International in San Diego, California, USA, 22 July 2018 (reissued 04 March 2019). According to media reports, Luke Perry has died aged 52 on 04 March 2019 after suffering a stroke. EPA-EFE/DAVID MAUNG

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Good morning,

These are the main stories from Malta’s newspapers.

The Times leads with a report claiming Malta has among the highest prices for mobile data. A British comparison site placed Malta 209th among 230 countries in terms of rates payed, the third most expensive services in Europe ahead of Switzerland and Greece.

The Malta Independent quotes Finance Minister Edward Scicluna who said that economic growth is sustained by migrants because there are not enough workers in Malta. The Minister, though, says the Prime Minister’s words were twisted when he linked pensions to the inflow of foreign workers.

The Times reveals that a tender for the construction of a €23 milion underpass between Santa Luċija and Tarxien has been put on hold after the director of contracts noticed misgivings in the offer of the company that had landed the contract.

The Malta Independent says that a European Parliament committee has voted to abolish the seasonal time change as from 2021. The Transport and Tourism Committee will set up a mechanism to manage the change without disruptions in member states.

L-Orizzont speaks to a neighbour to a man who suffered injuries after a gas cylinder blew up in his home on Sunday. The neighbour said the explosion rocked the apartment building like an earthquake and asked whether there is an issue with the cylinder type after another incident a week before.

In-Nazzjon quotes PN Leader Adrian Delia who said that Malta has the worst environmental results in Europe and the lack of environmental planning by government is being felt by several sectors. Delia was visiting the Nature Trust park in Marsaxlokk on Monday.

L-Orizzont says that employees at De La Rue joined the organ-donation drive by the Ministry of Health. Minister Chris Fearne said the signs from businesses were encouraging and the campaign will continue to tour companies.

In-Nazzjon covers a press conference by the Finance Ministry and says that Minister Edward Scicluna chooses to say what is convenient to the government when he dismissed reports on Malta by the European Commission and the Financial Sector Assessment Program as ‘titbits’.

 Other headlines 

Canadian top Minister’s resigns as Trudeau’s political crisis deepens

Brexit precautions: Ryanair moves spare parts from UK central storage to EU

Khashoggi was most likely burned in an oven at the Saudi diplomatic residence in Istanbul

More Japanese companies expected to relocate away from Britain

Macron calls for a revision of the Schengen system

Royal family hardens stance against online trolls

Force majeure lifted at the El Sharara oilfield

Reports of increased Russian military presence in Libya

US ends diplomatic spat with the EU

Suspicious Russian network with link to Prince Charles exposed

Pope announces opening of secret archives of pontiff Pius XII

Luke Perry dies at 52 after suffering a stroke

Prodigy front man Keith Flint dies aged 49

Copy of Solitude is the richness of self.



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