Corporate Dispatch Morning Briefing – Wednesday 15th May 2019

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Good morning,

Your morning briefing for Wednesday with the headlines from Malta, Europe and around the world.

A quick review of our headlines this morning:


The UK government will bring forward a key piece of Brexit legislation at the start of next month, Downing Street has said.

President Donald Trump insisted that the United States is not preparing for war with Iran despite recent escalating tensions.

The European Court of Justice said Tuesday that it has ruled that EU member States cannot repatriate people who have a well-founded fear of torture or other forms of inhumane treatment in their country of origin even if they have not been formally granted refugee status or their refugee status has been revoked.


Police officers escorting President Donald Trump’s motorcade were involved in an accident on Tuesday in Louisiana that injured three people


Alabama’s Republican-controlled state senate passed a bill Tuesday to outlaw abortion, making it a crime to perform the procedure at any stage of pregnancy.

A French doctor already charged with poisoning seven patients was taken into custody for questioning over the suspected poisoning of around 50 other patients.


Armed  assailants killed four Catholics and destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary in northern Burkina Faso


Amid U.S. pressure on European countries to shun the firm over espionage concerns, Chinese telecom giant Huawei said it’s willing to sign no-spy agreements.


Facebook announced that it will restrict who can use the company’s livestream tool in an effort to limit its use to “cause harm“.


The Dutch foreign ministry has warned holidaymakers heading to Turkey that their phones and other electronic apparatus can be confiscated if officials think there may be a connection to organisations considered terrorist by the Turkish authorities.


The Eurovision Song Contest got underway with 17 performers taking to the stage to sing for their country, but only 10 have made it through

The Times leads with the court decision to fine the captain of the MV Lifeline €10,000 for entering Maltese waters carrying rescued migrants without the required registration. Magistrate Joseph Mifsud said the possible prison sentence was never contemplated.

The Malta Independent also carries the story with the lawyers representing captain Claus Peter Reisch calling the verdict ‘scandalous’. They told the press they will study the sentence and decide whether to appeal.

MaltaToday carries a warning by PN Leader Adrian Delia that European Courts would be empowered to ‘impose’ abortion in Malta if the Socialists register a victory in the MEP elections.

The Times reports that the court rejected the Opposition Leader’s request to be given a copy of the Egrant inquiry, withheld by the Attorney General. Adrian Delia said he will appeal the decision.

L-Orizzont, too, follows the case and says the court found no evidence of discrimination against the Leader of the Opposition. Adrian Delia’s lawyers had argued that refusal to give him a copy of the inquiry would leave the opposition at a disadvantage.

The Malta Independent quotes Opposition Leader Adrian Delia after the court decision who defended his right to file constitutional proceedings and insisted that he has not yet exhausted available avenues.

MaltaToday reports that three men in their twenties are being accused of gang-raping a woman, aged 20. Inspector John Spiteri said in court that this was one of the ‘most shocking’ cases he ever came across.

In-Nazzjon says that the government ‘hit the panic button’ and adjourned parliament until after the elections to avoid debates about the protection of life. The paper says the decision came without notice and without consultation.

L-Orizzont speaks to a PSCD teacher about sexual education in schools. The educator says that, thanks to the subject, sexual abuse on children was stopped and warned that the problem is not PSCD but what children learn elsewhere.

In-Nazzjon quotes Health Minister Chris Fearne who said that he is in favour of a discussion about abortion. In a statement the Minister said that abortion should be on the national agenda and called for a mature discussion.



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