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These are the main stories from Malta’s newspaper front pages.

MaltaToday reveals that the hackers behind the Bank of Valletta cyberattack had already targeted HSBC in October. The paper says HSBC had warned other banks about the security threat posed by hacking group Empire-Monkey.

The Sunday Times reports that investigators have found irregularities at most tuna ranch operations in Malta during routine inspections last year. The paper says hundreds of extra fish were being farmed, with an estimated value of €4 million above legal limits.

The Malta Independent on Sunday speaks to Chamber of Advocates president Louis de Gabriele who played down claims of conflict of interest in multiple roles held by lawyer Pawlu Lia who serves as the Prime Minister’s personal lawyer and the Labour party’s legal counsel.

The Sunday Times says the American University of Malta is seeking to attract wealthy students from China to increase its student population. The institution has opened a permanent office in Shanghai accompanied by a robust marketing campaign.

MaltaToday carries a statement by Liquigas about recent incidents involving gas cylinders. The company said the explosions were due to defective equipment and not the cylinders themselves.

The Malta Independent on Sunday carries an interview with former Court of Human Rights Judge Giovanni Bonello who said that out of the last 17 appointments to the judiciary, 16 are politically linked to ministers.

Illum says that the Nationalist Party is targeting 100,000 votes in the upcoming MEP elections, while it says calculations show the Labour Party leading by 50,000 votes. The paper says that some 7,000 PN voters are switching to Labour.

It-Torċa says that Air Malta will add two new aircraft to its fleet in summer. Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi said that the new planes offer better seating configuration and maximise use of space on board.

Kulħadd quotes PN mayor in Victoria Samuel Azzopardi who said that the party is ‘sinking’’, accusing leadership of looking the other way. The paper says the mayor singles out Deputy Leader Robert Arrigo specifically.

Il-Mument announces a fundraising marathon by the Nationalist Party on Sunday rallying supporters ahead of the MEP and local council elections in May. The paper quotes Secretary General Clyde Puli who warned than staying at home elects labour.

Illum reports that a meeting was held between Minister Konrad Mizzi, Minister Chris Fearne, and MEP Miriam Dalli. The paper says the reason for the meeting is unknown but says that Dalli and Fearne are the strongest candidates for the Labour leadership if Joseph Muscat steps down.

It-Torċa speaks to Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia who said that Malta agrees with an EU legislative package on immigration, recently discussed by member states. The Minister says he expects the plan to be implemented comprehensively by EU governments.

Kulħadd speaks to academics about the nomination of former minister George Vella for President of the Republic. The paper says that Vella is well admired for the ‘high ideals’ that he holds.

Il-Mument says that Konrad Mizzi’s ‘unsurprising’ interest to contest the leadership of the Labour Party is a plan to undermine Chris Fearne after the deputy minister emerged as favourite to win the leadership bid.

In other headlines we read:


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