Corporate Dispatch Morning Briefing and Newspaper Review

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Good morning

The latest from Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland, Ukraine and the headlines of Malta’s front page stories in your morning briefing for Monday.

The death toll in Sri Lanka has reached 290 after a wave of blasts hit churches and luxury hotels across the country on Easter Sunday.

Two teenagers who were arrested in the shooting death of a 29-year-old journalist in Northern Ireland have been released from police custody without being charged. Their release means authorities are still seeking the person who pulled the trigger.

Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has won a landslide victory in the Ukrainian presidential election.

Forces loyal to Libya’s internationally recognized government have pushed their eastern opponents, led by Khalifa Haftar, back on parts of the front-line south of Tripoli.

These are the headlines from Malta’s newspapers.

The Times carries a story about suspicions of horsemeat sold for consumption being traded on the black market. Investigators believe that retired race horses are being illegally slaughtered in a farm in Siggiewi.

The Malta Independent speaks to running mates Trudy Kerr and Deborah Gatt after they completed at 126-kilometer run around the coast of Malta, making eight clean-ups in 24 hours. Kerr said that that planet is being killed by trash.

The Times reveals that the government is conducting a study of ADHD medication made available. Psychiatrists have warned that a new type of medication is having adverse effects of people with the disorder.

L-Orizzont speaks to former member of the Libyan National Council Mahmoud Abdul Aziz who insisted that Malta should support the creation of a civil state in the north African country.

The Malta Independent quotes PN Leader Adrian Delia who said that the party’s campaign for the upcoming MEP elections will be ‘without hate’. The campaign officially kicks off today.

In-Nazzjon also covers the interview with Adrian Delia who said that the Nationalist Party is building its policies around the needs of people. He revealed that the theme for five-week campaign will be Together for Our Country.

L-Orizzont says that a 24-year-old driver threatened police officers after he was pulled over for a contravention. Justin James Grima told officers that his cousin has already run over a policeman and that he would not mind doing it a second time.

In-Nazzjon picks a report from website The Daily Beast which quoted a government official that Malta would be broke with the sale of passports. In-Nazzjon says that, in fact, the latest year-end figures registered a deficit because earnings from the IIP were excluded.

L-Orizzont reports that child care centres are being run without permit and by carers without the necessary training. The paper speaks to a mother who considered sending her child to a day care centre because of the low rates offered.


In other stories

Following the first round of North Macedonia’s presidential election, which has been overshadowed by the country’s name change deal with Greece, none of the three candidates won support from more than 50% of registered voters.

A study has found for the first time that thousands of teenagers in the UK are risking their health by using powerful illicit prescription drugs to boost their performance in their GCSE exams .

U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc on Monday said it had sent a team to investigate a video on Chinese social media which showed a parked Tesla Model S car exploding.


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