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Good morning

These are the main stories for today.

The Times reports the Malta IT Agency detected a cyberattack on one of the government’s web hosting facilities. The paper says Russian hacker group Turla is suspected to have attempted to break into the systems.

The Malta Independent reveals that the police received 373 reports for missing persons this year, with 73 still not found. The police explained that many of those that remain missing are boat people believed to have left the island.

The Times quotes a report into illicit tobacco trade in Europe, indicating that Malta had one of the highest rates of contraband cigarettes last year. The study estimates a loss of €12 million in uncollected taxes in 2018, but it registered an improvement over the previous year.

The Malta Independent says that a request by the Fish Farm Federation to become parte civile in the tuna racket case was turned down by the Spanish courts. CEO Charlon Gouder explained that they were refused because the Federation is not a Spanish entity.

L-Orizzont speaks to economist Gordon Cordina following Malta’s A (High) rating by credit rating agency DBRS. Cordina said that while the economy keeps growing at a fast pace we need to make sure is it sustainable for everyone.

In-Nazzjon reports cases of irregular fuel invoices claimed for refund by prison wardens for the purchase of diesel from jerry-cans. The paper says that authorities have not investigated the practice which has now become ‘commonplace’.

L-Orizzont quotes Prime Minister Joseph Muscat who said that government measures are successfully fighting poverty. Referring to Eurobarometer figures, Muscat said that over 80 percent of people in Malta consider themselves middle class.

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