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Good morning,

Your morning briefing with the latest headlines from Malta and around the world.

These are the headlines on Malta’s newspapers.

The Times reports that PN insiders pushing for leader Adrian Delia’s resignation are concerned that the formula used in a vote on July 27 will favour those backing the party leader. The paper anticipates a highly charged debate at an Executive Council meeting tomorrow.

The Malta Independent speaks to a Mater Dei hospital spokesperson who said that there were no cases in which treatments was denied because of issues with payment. A couple with a non-EU father claims that it lost a baby because hospital staff wanted first to clear payment terms.

The Times quotes GRTU who said that many Satabank clients who have had nothing to do with regulatory issues still do not have access to their funds, nine months after the bank’s assets were frozen by the financial watchdogs.

The Malta Independent carries an interview with economist Ian P. Cassar who said that stabilisation of the property market is ‘challenging to determine’. Dr Cassar said that the speed and the dynamics leading to stabilisation are still fluid.

L-Orizzont publishes an interview with Maltese resident Anna Nightingale who warns against textured breast implants after developing a cancer linked to their use. The British citizen spoke to the paper about her experience as she is now campaigning for this type of implant to be banned.

In-Nazzjon reports on an article by PN Leader Adrian Delia who said that this is a trying time for the party but expressed his confidence that everyone involved will pull together to turn the situation around. The piece was published yesterday in the Sunday Times of Malta.

L-Orizzont quotes Prime Minister Joseph Muscat who said that, whenever possible, he will find the best solution for the country. Muscat was addressing the government’s position on immigration in an interview on Sunday.

In-Nazzjon carries an interview with Oliver Figgieri who said that politicians are responsible for the critical environmental situation in Malta. Prof. Friggieri said the difference between politicians does not run along party lines, but their commitment to save the country.

In other stories:

Hundreds evacuated after 7.3 quake in Indonesia

Dozens evacuated from flooded homes in western Greece

Johnson and Hunt enter final stage of leadership race

US launches raids targeting migrant families

Latvia warns that European leaders fail to grasp ‘hardening’ of UK view on Brexit

Trump trails main Democratic candidates in new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll

Cardinal Paolo Sardi dies aged 84

Romano Prodi urges Europe to stick together

Search for missing boy “biggest in history” of Polish police

Tragic weekend in Italy as 12 persons die in road accidents

Nine Swedes die after plane crashes near Umea, Sweden


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