Corporate Dispatch Morning Briefing

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Good morning

The Times speaks to Criminal Investigations Department officer Paula Fleri who said that home burglaries typically surge in the summer period when people take their holidays. He warned that announcing holiday plans on Facebook alerts thieves that no one is at home.

The Malta Independent quotes GRTU CEO Abigail Mamo who said that efforts need to be made to attract more tourists to the Ta’ Qali crafts village. Mamo said that the establishments which remained open throughout the ongoing embellishment project have suffered greatly.

The Times says that herbicides containing glyphosate will be banned from public areas including roundabouts and central strips. The World Health Organisation considers the compound a probable carcinogenic.

The Malta Independent carries an interview with environment activist Cami Appelgren who said that a ban on plastics must be accompanied by an educational campaign to be effective. Appelgren said that the proposed bottle return scheme is a step in the right direction.

L-Orizzont reveals that over 70 fines for contraventions related to waste disposal in the St Paul’s Bay area were issued in the last week of June. Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Parnis explained that there has been enough time for information, and rules will now start to be enforced.

In-Nazzjon leads with the rescue of 58 migrants by the Armed Forces after the boat they were on started taking water in. Meanwhile, another patrol boat was sent to rescue a second vessel which was barred from Italian ports and was heading towards Maltese waters.

L-Orizzont says that doubts arise over Louis Galea’s ability to bring factions within the PN together. Referring to the former secretary general and minister, the paper says the party is turning to its past to address problems threatening its future.

In-Nazzjon quotes a statement by the PN demanding concrete action to safeguard the independence of parliament. The party was reacting to a report by the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life condemning a practice of offering MPs government jobs.


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