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Good morning

These are the main stories on Malta’s newspaper frontpages.

The Times reports on the trial of Michael Emanuel accused of the murder of Maria Lourdes Agius. The jury has rejected the suspect’s plea that he was legally insane when the murder was committed.

In-Nazzjon covers the story, too, with the jury ruling 8-1 against Emanuel insanity plea. The case will therefore go ahead with the compilation of evidence. The jury voted unanimously for another eight charges brought against the accused.

The Malta Independent follows developments in the dispute between Air Malta pilots and the carrier, as a court injunction was filed to stop industrial actions. The pilots’ association said that actions were taken last week in reaction to ‘threats and intimidation’ by the airline.

The Times quotes Minister Ian Borg who announced the setting up of a registry of contractors. The Minister said the government has secured the collaboration of the Developers Association and the exercise will lead to a licensing process.

L-Orizzont also carries the announcement and says that the compilation of the registry will begin on Wednesday. Minister Ian Borg said that new registry will accept both existing contractors and prospective ones.

The Malta Independent reports on the 21st standoff developing between Malta and Italy over migrants, as a boat with 55 rescued people is left stranded at sea. There are three pregnant women among those onboard the ALEX, operated by Mediterranea Saving Humans.

In-Nazzjon says that former Minister Louis Galea was appointed president of PN think-tank AŻAD to lead a process of political reform within the party. Party leader Adrian Delia said that Galea has the experience, respect, and support to succeed in this role.

L-Orizzont says that PN insiders opposing Adrian Delia’s leadership expect that he will survive a confidence vote by the General Council later this month but will argue that he will have received the backing of less than 70 percent of members.

Other headlines 

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UN Security Council condemns deadly air strike on a migrant detention centre in Libya

Sea Watch captain to sue Salvini

Salvini wants to strengthen security at Italian land borders

Ukraine captures separatist believed to be linked to MH17

Lion tamer killed by tiger in Italy

Royal Baby Archie to be baptized today


Amazon founder Bezos’ to pay $38 billion in final divorce settlement



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