Corporate Dispatch Morning Briefing

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Good morning,

These are the main stories from Malta, Europe and around the world, in our daily morning briefing.

Leading Stories 

Voters in Malta will be voting to elect their members of the European Parliament and their Local Council representatives.  The electoral commission, said that 38,737 voting documents for the European elections remained uncollected by Thursday’s deadline.

Meanwhile, here is our round of projections for the other EU countries voting on Saturday

UK: After three years of internal party disputes and unable to stem the tide of criticism over her unpopular Brexit bill, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced details of her resignation. In a very emotional statement, she said she will resign as leader of the Conservative party, and consequently, as Prime Minister on Friday 7th June. The process to select a new leader will begin in the following week.

News Headlines

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The Newspaper front pages :

The Times carries a story about an elderly couple who is afraid to leave their home after being mugged a week ago. The Sliema couple, aged 87 and 91, say that many people their age were living in fear.

The Malta Independent reports on the evidence in court against the two AFM soldiers accused with the killing of Cisse Lassane in the Ħal Far drive-by shooting in April. The court heard how the victim was shot in his left temple.

The Times follows the case, too, in which both suspects, Franesco Fenech, 21, and Lorin Scicluna, 22, deny the charges. Investigators tracked down Scicluna’s car using CCT footage from the evening of the shooting.

L-Orizzont says that the Inspector testifying in the case against the soldiers told the court they initially went out to shoot stray cats. Sciclulna was behind the wheel when they drove by Lassane and Fenech fired two shots in his direction.

In-Nazzjon says that an alarmed Scicluna asked Fenech what he was doing firing at migrants; Fenech is reported to have threatened to shoot him as well if he did not shut up. Scicluna told investigators he did not believe his friend would shoot a man.

The Malta Independent speaks to Aditus Foundation director Neil Falzon who feels that not enough is being done to trace people with dangerous motives towards migrants. Falzon warned that the Ħal Far tragedy could happen again unless steps are taken.

L-Orizzont says that a more than 38,000 of MEP votes remain uncollected, the highest rate ever at one tenth of eligible voters. Sliema and St Paul’s Bay registered the highest number of unclaimed voting documents.

In-Nazzjon reports that a fifth of votes for the Local Council election have not been picked up, a rise of more than eight percent from the 2013 – 2015 elections taken together. Meanwhile, the paper says that the final tests of the e-counting system were positive.



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