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Your morning briefing with the headlines and the news for this morning.

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s first post-independence leader, dies at the age of 95

In the UK the former Tory prime minister Sir John Major has launched a stinging attack on Boris Johnson and his inner circle, calling his chief adviser a “political anarchist”.

EU countries lost €137 billion in Value-Added Tax (VAT) revenues in 2017 according to a study released by the European Commission today.

The U.S. Treasury Department warned that anyone around the world who helps fuel Iranian vessels blacklisted by Washington runs the risk of being designated as well.

U.S. Defence Secretary Mark Esper said that European nations should consider funding projects in their countries after the Pentagon diverted money to pay for a border wall with Mexico.

In Italy, former interior minister and anti-migrant League party leader Matteo Salvini was placed under investigation Thursday on suspicion of defaming Carla Rackete, the German skipper of the migrant rescue NGO ship Sea-Watch 3.

A top manager at ODK, a state-run Russian firm that produces engines, has been detained in Naples at the request of the United States which accuses him of “economic spying”, Russian media are reporting.

The British government confirmed details of measures that ensure flights and road haulage will continue to run smoothly after the UK leaves the EU on 31 October, whatever the circumstances.

Malta’s Newspapers


The main newspapers‘ report about the case 30-year sentence given to a man who admitted to the killing of 41-year-old Caroline Magri in 2016. The accused was also ordered to pay €40,000 in court fees within 60 days.

Another report covers the launch of a policy for the teaching of Maltese as a foreign language. Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said that introducing the language to the national curriculum will help non-Maltese integrate better into the culture.

We also read that the government is stocking up on medicines imported from the UK to prepare for the uncertainties of Brexit. Meanwhile, some 1,900 of the 2,000 medicinal products bought from the UK will now be sourced from other countries.

On this day…

on this day - history

In 1997 Britain’s Princess Diana was buried in the grounds of her family home; the world-wide TV audience for the funeral ceremonies was estimated at over 2 billion, while in 2007 the Italian opera star Luciano Pavarotti, whose titanic voice and charisma brought opera to the masses, died of cancer aged 71.

Today’s Quote

Luciano Pavarotti

For me, music making is the most joyful activity possible, the most perfect expression of any emotion. – Luciano Pavarotti

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