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Good morning

These are the headlines from Malta’s newspapers’ front pages.

The Malta Independent quotes Cospicua mayor Alison Zerafa Civelli who says that MP Glenn Bedingfield’s is ‘not right’ about the number of students at the American University of Malta. The Labour MP recently wrote that the AUM is too big for a dozen students.

The Times follows a service to commemorate Diedy Coulibaly who died at work in a construction site. A friend of Coulibaly’s spoke against the poor conditions migrants often work in, with little safety and paltry wages.

The Malta Independent asks Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia about claims by the opposition that the police stations in Nadur and Xagħra were often closed. The Minister said that the police is obtaining ‘very positive results’ in Gozo.

The Times reveals that a byelaw proposed by the Sliema local council seeks to limit the distribution of unsolicited mail to counter the littering problem. Distributors will not be allowed to post material to ‘no junk mail’ letter boxes.

L-Orizzont carries the story of an unnamed man who accepted work conditions below the minimum wage only then for the employer to refuse to pay him anything. The paper publishes a message by the employer who warned the employee not to contact him again.

In-Nazzjon reveals that the woman involved in a car accident in Gozo last week passed away after a week on life support. The paper says 41-year-old Ivy Evinson from Latvia was declared clinically dead at the site of the accident.

L-Orizzont speaks to columnist Simon Mercieca in the wake of a controversy about comments made by the Birkirkara parish priest. Mercieca said that the priest’s words during a homily were twisted to mean he was calling for the death of gays.

In-Nazzjon says that there is growing concern in Gozo about organised theft from homes and cars. In another story, the paper says that carnival enthusiast Jean Paul Bonett died from an electrical shock in a carnival workshop.

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