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Good morning

These are the main stories for today.

The Malta Independent reveals that the United Nations is investigating North Korea over a series of cyber-attacks targeting 17 countries, including Malta. The €13 million hacking attempt on Bank of Valletta in February is believed to be part of this large-scale attack.

The Times quotes a UN Refugee Agency statement warning of a ‘race against time’ as 500 migrants aboard two rescue ships remain stranded at sea. The EU Commission also urged member states to show solidarity.

The Malta Independent follows the call for action by the UNHCR, too, and picks up a social media post by Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia appealing for collaboration. Meanwhile, Italian counterpart Salvini insisted that the country’s ports will remain closed.

The Times says that the woman captured on video being pelted with eggs at a bachelor’s party is known to authorities as a vulnerable person. The paper spoke to sources who acknowledged that she fell through the cracks of the state’s mental health system.

L-Orizzont speaks to Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Welfare Clint Camilleri about the new horse-carriages regulations introduced last month. Camilleri said that frequent inspections are being carried out and most operators comply.

In-Nazzjon publishes an interview with Peter Paul Bonnici representing the National Council for the Elderly who said that pensioners have to make do to get by until the end of the month. Bonnici criticises the government for neglecting the elderly.

L-Orizzont reveals that Transport Malta is adding another 130 charging points for electric vehicles across the islands. The paper says this investment complements efforts to promote a shift towards e-mobility.

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