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Malta’s Newspaper front pages lead with the following stories.

The Malta Independent leads with the disembarkation in Malta of 256 migrants aboard the Ocean Viking rescue ship, after two weeks stranded at sea. They will be then relocated to another six EU countries.

The Times reports on an operation by authorities confiscating some 700 dead protected birds with a value running into the tens of thousands. The birds include eagles, vultures and ibises among others and are thought to have been smuggled from Egypt and Sudan.

In-Nazzjon covers the story, too, and says that the operation was led simultaneously by the police and the Environmental Resources Authority in different properties around Malta. Seven people were arrested in the raids.

The Malta Independent says that Cottonera residents are being encouraged to voice their concerns about development plans proposed by the American University of Malta at a Planning Authority hearing in September.

The Times speaks to a victim of sexual abuse, now 38, who says he wants to ‘jolt’ policymakers into reviewing time-barring laws. The man describes how repeated sexual violence by his uncle in his teens has scarred him for life.

L-Orizzont publishes an interview with young photographer David Hili who developed brain tumours at the age of five. The 17-year-old says that he is grateful to Puttinu Cares for their generosity towards him and his family.

In-Nazzjon follows on the death of carnival enthusiast Jean Paul Bonett from an electrical shock while working on one of the floats. Friends described him as a man with a golden heart who was devoted to carnival and the Ħamrun feast.

L-Orizzont speaks to the CEO of the Authority of Standards in Social Welfare, Matthew Vella, about a pilot project to address problems in the distribution of medicines at elderly residencies. Vella said that some are having to wait 24 hours to receive prescription drugs.

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