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These are the headlines from Malta’s Newspapers:

Business Today quotes British High Commissioner Stuart Gill who said that the UK’s Brexit plan offers a ‘reasonable compromise’ that avoids a hard border with Ireland. The High Commissioner was addressing an event discussing the subject.

L-Orizzont also covers the event and quotes Business 1st CEO Marika Tonna who said that Brexit can be an opportunity for Malta to attract companies currently registered in the UK and who want to keep a foothold in the EU.

The Malta Business Weekly leads with the approval by regulators of a bond application by MeDirect Bank. The bank will issue €35 million subordinated unsecured bonds with a coupon rate of 4 percent.

The Times publishes details of a major roads project in the Paceville area that will ‘eliminate’ bottlenecks in St Julian’s. The paper says that details of the €70 million plan were made public following orders by the Ombudsman.

The Independent says that Education Commissioner Charles Caruana Carabez suggested that schoolchildren who do not speak English or Maltese are more likely to become victims or perpetrators of bullying.

The Malta Business Weekly reports that retail chain The Convenience Shop registered a gross profit of €6.4 million in the first six months this year. Another story in the paper says that Malta Enterprise is holding a series of events for start-ups this month.

In-Nazzjon covers an interview with PN leader Adrian Delia on national TV and says that the party’s budget proposals focus on distributing the creation of wealth among everyone. Delia said that the government is shifting the load onto the private sector.

The Independent carries an interview with members of NGO Gozo SPCA who are demanding round-the-clock animal welfare services in Gozo.  The group argued that one ambulance available during office hours is not enough.

Business Today reports that the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK chastised Malta-based online casino brand Casumo for adverts targeting people searching for methods to bar themselves from gambling.

The Times says that the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage is calling on the Planning Authority Board to protect and schedule cart ruts that were discovered on a development site in Marfa.

L-Orizzont carries an interview with psychiatrist Mark Xuereb who said that the rate of suicide in Malta is of eight people for every 100,000 inhabitants. Xuereb says that this does not include people who consider suicide, estimated to be around a thousand every year.

In-Nazzjon says that the Opposition Leader asked in parliament whether the Office of the Prime Minister or the Finance Ministry will issue a statement following a letter by financial watchdog governor Joe Brincat complaining about a golden handshake ordered by the CEO.

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