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These are the headlines from Malta’s Newspapers:

Malta Today leads with plans by the government to run a Brexit drill among all state departments to test preparedness in the event of a no-deal exit from the EU by Britain. The drill will test relevant functions including tourism and imports.

The Independent also covers the announcement as part of a national campaign on Brexit readiness by the EU Affairs Ministry. Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said that the private sector will also be provided with a checklist to follow.

L-Orizzont says that Malta is preparing for all eventualities surrounding Brexit and lists several initiatives taken by the government including setting up a dedicated helpline to answer questions about the UK’s departure from the EU.

The Times reveals that an application to convert two iconic townhouses in Saqqajja into a hotel has been withdrawn. Developer Keith Grima has, instead, put the properties on sale for €1.8 million.

In-Nazzjon quotes former Financial Intelligence Agency official Jonathan Ferris who declared in court that the Internal Affairs Minister at the time, Carmelo Abela, had asked him sensitive information about an ongoing case, contrary to procedure.

The Independent carries a story about an order by the Planning Review Tribunal suspending works on the Central Link project for a month until an appeal filed by residents and 15 NGOs is decided.

Malta Today reports that Environmental Landscapes Consortium will terminate its employees’ contracts on December 31, when its government agreement expires. The group has been responsible for landscaping in urban spaces since 2003.

The Times says that Malta, Italy, Germany and France presented their proposals for a immigrant sharing agreement to the rest of EU members. Some states were considering the scheme, but none was ready to make a commitment yet.

L-Orizzont announces that more than half of the 226 measures laid out in last year’s budget have been completed while the other are at various stages of finalisation. The paper says that the Finance Ministry and the Family Ministry implemented the largest share of measures.

In-Nazzjon says that Justice Minister Owen Bonnici denied that Malta sells citizenship because the IIP scheme is tied to investment. The minister told journalists he is proud that Prime Minister Muscat promotes the scheme abroad.

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