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These are the headlines from Malta’s Newspapers:

The Malta Business Weekly says that the Air Malta pilots’ union investigated a recent incident which delayed a flight to Palermo by 17 hours. The association concluded that the delay was a case of ‘mismanagement’ by the airline.

Business Today says that CEOs of gaming companies expressed concerns about rising rentals prices and said that, left unchecked, increases could harm competitiveness. The government assured the sector that it is addressing the situation.

The Independent speaks to OPM insiders who said that the Prime Minister has not discussed his resignation with the cabinet. The paper says that would-be leaders are eyeing a post-budget contest for the Labour Party top job.

The Times says that the former Mistra Village has been officially recognised as a ‘special designated area’ paving the way for a Dubai Sheikh to acquire the complex. The paper says that data protection rules prevent the disclosure of the identity of the new owner.

Business Today reveals that two new banks can be expected to set up in Malta by the second quarter of 2020. The paper says that the Financial Services Authority is currently reviewing five applications for banking licences.

L-Orizzont publishes an interview with a mother and daughter living in a ‘state of misery’ and with no means to get out of the situation. The mother says that the apartment they are living in has high levels of humidity and is infested with worms.

The Times publishes findings by a Maltese research team that plays down the incidence of cancer caused by exposure to 5G technology. Researcher Charles Sammut said that the risk is equivalent to that caused by consumption of coffee.

The Independent carries a statement by the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta demanding long-term initiatives to deal with the shortage in teachers. The Faculty said that authorities may need to tap into ‘an alternative pool’ of teachers to address the situation.

In-Nazzjon quotes PN Leader Adrian Delia’s criticism of the government’s failure to plan ahead for the effects of population increase. Delia said that the growth in population is having a negative impact of quality of life in Malta.

L-Orizzont reveals plans for the former Paloma Hotel in Buġibba to be converted into tourist accommodation again. The paper says that the property will be transferred from the current Russian landlords to new Maltese owners.

In-Nazzjon covers a walking and running marathon organised on Wednesday by the Nationalist Party’s Team Sport as part of the Independence Day celebrations. This was the seventh edition of the annual event.

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