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These are the stories our research and editorial team worked on for today.

British Ambassador to the US resigns

Met Police Commissioner confirms ‘initial’ talks on diplomatic documents leak

Malta: Building Contractors Register launched

Multi-country investigation by Europol leads to several arrests, including in Malta, related to Europe-wide sex trafficking and prostitution ring

Ursula Von Der Leyen faces MEPs’ skepticism during severe hearings at the European Parliament

Demand for electricity in Malta reaches highest levels recorded; causes disruption in service

Hailstorm in Italy leaves 18 injured

France publicly acknowledges it still has special forces deployed in Libya, says anti-tank missiles found in Libya were ‘unusable’

Angela Merkel suffers third shaking bout in less than a month

Stromboli activity increases

UPDATED: Washington urges Turkey to halt drilling operations off the coast of Cyprus, Ankara reacts to EU warning

Rouhani warns the UK…it will face ‘consequences’

SPD insists German coalition Government won’t split over Ursula von der Leyen nomination

Malta’s airport connectivity doubled in 10 years

Concern as Sting calls off second gig due to health reasons

Mild tremor registered off the Maltese coast

Denmark plans regulation of influencers

Massacre in Papua New Guinea

Video footage released showing moment of deadly mid-air crash above the Alps

UAE scaling back military role in Yemen conflict

Groundbreaking cancer-fighting drugs now included in updated UN list of essential medicines

New UN study shows Central America is the most dangerous region to live

Washington Post on Malta’s role in the Mediterranean migrants’ rescue operations

Mexican finance minister resigns

Indonesia sending back dozens of containers of waste back to Western nations

Sicily suffers from eurozone’s highest rate of youth economic inactivity

Worldwide reduction in MERS cases and deaths since 2016

Migrants in Tripoli go on hunger strike

RT and Sputnik denied press passes for inaugural UK global media freedom conference

US actor Rip Torn dies aged 88

Explosives found in house as Tour de France started in the Belgian capital

Personal attacks characterize live TV debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt

Bad weather alert in Italy

US wants an international military coalition to safeguard waters in the Gulf


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